Call for Families to Playtest Board Game on Data Collection + Digital Privacy

Play our board game pre-release with your family. We'd love to hear your feedback! 

Please sign up by filling out the form at this link.

If you have any questions, please email Janet Ruppert at

About the playtest: 

Our research team is developing a family board game about online data collection. It can be played by 2 to 6 people. The game usually takes about 30 minutes to play. Afterward, we'll ask you a few questions about your experience playing. This will take, at MOST, an additional 30 minutes. 


We invite players of all kind - hardcore, casual, old, and young. We are looking for families with children ages 7 and up in the Boulder area, but if you don't quite fit this description, please sign up anyway! 


Playtesting can happen almost anywhere! We could use our research lab on the CU Boulder campus, meet at a public place, like the Boulder Public Library, or even meet you at your house.

Privacy information:

Any and all information you provide to us will be viewed only by researchers, and will not be shared with any other people or entities. 

Great! How do I sign up?

To sign up for a playtesting session, please fill out the form at this link. A member of our team will contact you within the week to confirm a time and location!

A Review of Computational Toys and Kits for Young Children: Characteristics and Opportunities

A Review of Computational Toys and Kits for Young Children: Characteristics and Opportunities

Our group has paper titled “A Review of Computational Toys and Kits for Young Children” accepted to International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction. This paper presents a review of computational toys and kits that enable young children (ages 7 years old and under) to explore computational ideas and practices. We collected 30 computational kits and performed a qualitative analysis of these kits. We reflect on the implications for designers and researchers to expand the possibilities for children to create, explore, and play with computing.

Hello World!

Hello World!

We're excited to launch our new website for our Creative Communities research group. Our group is exploring how we can engage people to create, play, and learn together. We want to support people to create things they care about, to see themselves as creators, and to see the ways they can shape the world around them.